Web Design Mold

Web Design Mold is a website that we built to target business owners in the Mold area. We wanted the website to showcase our expert solutions in a professional manner with a view to generate enquiries.

The design team at Blue Whale Media provided the following services:

  • Custom website design
  • WordPress content management system
  • Responsive web design
  • Bespoke graphics
  • SEO optimised content

The two-column, minimalist website has been done in shades of grey. The column on the left hand side works as the navigation menu of the website. The mobile friendly website works on mobile devices as well as desktops and provides a seamless experience. We designed high quality banners and placed them in the header section for maximum engagement and impact. Overall, the website has been doing well and is slowly heading towards ranking on the first page of search results.

Web Design Buxton

Web Design Buxton is another website in our portfolio of geo-targeting websites. We needed a website exclusively targeting business owners in Buxton. We wanted an SEO optimised website that would rank on the first page of Google and bring in highly qualified leads.

We delivered the following solution:

  • Mobile responsive design
  • WordPress content management system
  • Bespoke graphics
  • Blog section

The two column theme presents a professional picture and creates instant appeal. The right hand side column features our bespoke logo as well as the navigation menu. The website has been designed with a mobile first approach to ensure mobile phone users receive the best user experience, and scaled it up for desktops. The design is minimalist, visually stunning and highly engaging. The website already features on the first page of Google results and inching its way to the top.

Website Design Wrexham

Website Design Wrexham is one of several geo-targeting websites we built to reach out to small businesses looking for high quality and affordable web design solutions. We wanted a website that was user friendly, conversion ready and ranked well in the search engines.

We powered the website with the following features:

  • Robust content management system
  • Mobile friendly design
  • Keyword-rich content
  • Customised graphics
  • Testimonials page
  • Blog section

The website features header banners featuring information about our services with prices in big, bold font. The impact is instant and spectacular. Our primary message reaches out to our prospective customers instantly. The rest of the page provides further information around that service to engage visitors and lead them into action with carefully placed CTAs. We optimised the meta data and content on each page for the target keywords. The website is already climbing up the rankings. Need a high quality digital solution for your business? Contact Blue Whale Media today.

The Chocolate Box

The Chocolate Box specialises in gift boxes, gift hampers and handmade chocolates. They approached us to build a cost effective online store that can generate sales for them. They asked for a modern, mobile friendly website to attract, engage and convert visitors.

Our web designers worked on delivering the following solution for the client:

  • Logo design
  • Mobile friendly design
  • WordPress content management system
  • eCommerce system with payment integration
  • Blog section

The website features a modern, clean and minimalist design. It is mobile friendly which means that it works on all device sizes. The online store is straightforward and easy to use sans any frills and distractions. The client is able to offer multiple payment options to their customers, which also plays a crucial role in conversions. Overall, the client is very happy with the online store.

Total Financial Services

In early 2014, Total Financial Services approached us to build a professional website to showcase their financial planning services. They asked for a cost effective brochure website that created the right impression on visitors.

We delivered the following services:

  • Mobile friendly design
  • Content management system
  • Header design

After understanding the client’s requirements, business and their goals, we came up with an all-white design that perfectly complements their professionalism, expertise and high quality services. The WordPress website is mobile friendly which means that it works on mobile devices perfectly. The client was extremely delighted with the results. Are you looking to build a website? Contact Blue Whale Media today.

Proceed School of Motoring

Blue Whale Media was approached by the client to build an affordable, mobile friendly website. They asked for a modern website that helped showcase their services in a professional manner without breaking the bank.

We delivered the following services to the highest standard:

  • Mobile friendly web design
  • WordPress content management system
  • Bespoke booking system
  • Blog section

The SEO optimised website features a minimalist, stunning design that showcases the client’s services and highlights their speciality – female driving instructors. The mobile friendly design works on all devices including mobile phones. The custom booking system takes bookings and appointments. The client is delighted with the results and so are we.

Sweet Little Classics

The client specialises in the supply of candies and sweets as well as sweet cart hire for weddings, birthdays and other occasions in Warrington. They asked for a colourful, vintage themed website to attract new enquiries.

Blue Whale Media delivered the following services to exceptional standard:

  • Mobile responsive grid system
  • WordPress content management system
  • Blog section

The website is a riot of colours and features lots of retro elements and custom navigation menu features candies for buttons. The retro themed website is completely mobile friendly and works across devices of all kinds and sizes. The WordPress CMS gives the client complete freedom to edit and update the content of their website.

Web Design Stoke

Web Design Stoke is our sister website targeting businesses in Stoke. We wanted a website to help generate highly qualified leads from businesses based in and around Stoke. We wanted the website to also showcase our design skills so visitors can gather what to expect from our professional web design agency.

The website boasts of the following features:

  • Mobile responsive design
  • Content management system
  • Blog section
  • Custom graphics
  • SEO optimised content

The team began with an in-depth keyword research before creating highly targeted SEO content for the website. The website features high quality graphics, cutting edge animations and effects. The modern, clean design creates an instant impression and the carefully crafted CTA buttons maximise conversions.

Impact Fencing & Protection Services

The client specialise in high quality fencing solutions in Warrington. With over 20 years of industry experience, the client approached Blue Whale Media to build a modern, mobile friendly website to enhance their online presence.

We delivered the following high quality solutions for the client:

  • Mobile friendly website design
  • Content management system
  • Custom graphics
  • Gallery section
  • Blog section

The website features a black and yellow colour scheme inspired from their brand identity. We created high quality graphics that further inspired from this colour scheme for maximum brand impact. Each page on the website features subtle effects to keep the visitors engaged. The endless scrolling gallery section showcases the client’s recent work effectively. Overall, the client has been might impressed with their new website.

FitFam Meal Prep UK

FitFam is a meal preparation service delivering freshly cooked healthy food all over the UK. They approached Blue Whale Media to build an ecommerce website for their startup idea. They wanted a mobile friendly, user friendly website with a view to maximise conversions.

We delivered the following services to highest standards for the client:

  • Mobile responsive website design
  • WordPress content management system
  • Robust ecommerce checkout system
  • High quality graphics
  • Blog section

The homepage features a hero space featuring high quality, custom banner. We made use of parallax and other subtle effects to keep the visitors engaged. We placed highly targeted CTAs at important areas on each page to maximise conversions. The website has been performing well and the client is extremely happy with the results.

Website Design Buxton

Website Design Buxton is a website that we built to generate enquiries from businesses based in Buxton. We wanted a website that showcased our design skills by creating a lasting impression, engaging visitors and converting them.

Our experienced web design team put together the following features:

  • Mobile friendly design
  • WordPress content management system
  • Custom graphics
  • SEO copywriting

The website features a completely white background with a colour scheme of yellow and gray. Together with high quality graphics, the design creates an instant and lasting impression on visitors. The website features subtle animations, high quality graphics, professional typography and clearly crafted CTAs. The end result is a stunning website that impresses visitors, engages them and converts them.

Eternity Bridal Wear

The client is one of the largest suppliers of Pronovias wedding dresses in the UK. They asked for a high quality, mobile friendly website to help increase brand awareness and to bring in more leads from their online presence. We built a mobile responsive website powered by the WordPress CMS. We added interactive features such as video and a bridal gallery featuring testimonials and cases studies. We also created a custom logo and wrote SEO content for the website. The website is modern, clean and visually stunning. It features a wide selection of exclusive photographs that add to the visual appeal and create a professional appearance. The client is more than happy with the results and so are we. Looking for a website? Contact Blue Whale Media today.

Village Saddlery

The client is a master saddler based in Warrington with a stock of over 500 different saddles for multiple disciplines. They asked for a mobile friendly, modern website to showcase their products and to generate new enquiries online.

Blue Whale Media delivered the following high quality services for Village Saddlery:

  • Mobile friendly design
  • WordPress CMS
  • Online store
  • Booking system

The client wanted an online store to showcase their products but did not want payment integration. So we set up an online store without, and in place of a checkout system, we placed a booking system to help raise enquiries. The client is more than happy with their new website.

Family Law Friend

The client provides affordable and professional family law support service for those who are unrepresented by an attorney. They asked for a modern, mobile friendly website with a view to reach out to litigants in person and to show to them that they can still fight their family law battle.

Blue Whale Media work with them to provide the following services:

  • Logo design
  • Mobile friendly design
  • Content management system
  • News / Blog section
  • Custom pricing table

The website features a minimalist design that looks professional and creates a lasting impact on visitors. The homepage features high quality graphics and welcome text in bold for that immediate impact and for maximum user engagement. We included testimonials and social media feeds to establish credibility and trust. Each page features a quick contact form to maximise conversions. The client is very happy with the output. Contact us today to discuss your web design project.

ICN Group

The client specialises in transport management and consulting service. With clients spread across the UK, the ICN Group were looking for a mobile friendly, modern website to enhance their visibility and to generate new enquiries.

Blue Whale Media delivered the following services for the client:

  • Mobile friendly design
  • Content management system
  • Blog section

The website features a clean design featuring the true blue corporate colours of white, blue and grey. Each page on the site features a header banner featuring high quality pictures and the primary message. We integrated social media and testimonials page for establishing credibility and trust and placed the client’s contact information at the top for visitors to take instant action. The client is happy with the results.

Prescott’s Renovation & Restoration

Prescott’s Renovation & Restoration provide renovations and restoration services in Warrington. They approached Blue Whale Media to build a new website for them to showcase their expertise and professional services.

We built a 12-page website for them and provided the following services:

  • Custom logo design
  • Responsive web design
  • Content management system
  • Content writing
  • Bespoke graphics

The website features high quality graphics, a stylish design and parallax effects, all of which go together to attract and engage visitors. We placed CTA buttons at the right places to improve conversions. The CMS websites gives the client complete power to manage their website on their own. The mobile friendly design provides a seamless experience across all devices. Prescott’s Renovation & Restoration are extremely delighted with the end result.

Web Design Tarporley

Web Design Tarporley is our website targeted at small and medium businesses in Tarporley area. We wanted a modern, user friendly and visually stunning website to attract small business owners looking to build a website to build their online presence. Our web design team came together to deliver a bold, clean design. The website features responsive design, WordPress CMS, a blog section and custom graphics. Our copywriting team came up with some stellar copy for the site that’s also been optimised for the target keywords. The website makes use of latest design features and coding technology to deliver a brilliant visual experience for visitors. We placed contact form on each page to lead the visitors to the desired action. Contact Blue Whale Media for stunning, user friendly websites!

Evo Group UK

The client provides maintenance and renovation services in Warrington. They wanted a custom website that helped create a strong presence for their business online. They also needed it to be a mobile friendly design for maximum reach.

Blue Whale Media delivered the following services to the highest standard:

  • Brand identity design
  • Mobile responsive grid system
  • Powerful content management system
  • Blog section
  • Custom graphics
  • SEO copywriting

The website features a modern, clean design for maximum brand impact. The mobile friendly design ensures the website renders perfectly on all devices. The colour scheme inspired from their brand identity creates a stunning visual impact. From the typography to the graphics, from the images to the navigation, everything works together to showcase the client’s professional approach. Contact Blue Whale Media today for a stunning website for your business.


Premier is an insurance brokerage service based in the North West specialising in all kinds of insurance. They asked for a one page website with the purpose of generating leads online. They asked for a modern, mobile responsive website that creates a professional image. We crafted a mobile responsive website featuring their most important message and a short contact form to capture leads. The responsive grid system effortlessly fits the size of the user’s device and delivers an optimal experience across all leading browsers. The website is quick loading, cleanly coded and is easy on the eye. The client has been extremely happy with the outcome.

Manchester Medicals

Manchester Medicals offer affordable medical tests for aircraft crew and professional drivers in Manchester. After an intense research for the right web design partner, they chose Blue Whale Media to create a mobile friendly, professional and modern website. Our services included responsive web development, company branding, website copywriting and SEO. We built a mobile friendly website featuring slick graphics and a neat layout. The website is powered by WordPress which allows the client to scale it, update it, edit the content, add media and do much more. The website welcomes visitors in warm shades of blue and takes them through the client’s services with an easy to use navigation. Speak to us today for a stunning website for your business.

Mole Valley Premier

Mole Valley Premier is an established taxi service in Mole Valley. They asked for a brand new website that reflected their growth and create the look and feel of a reputed and well established taxi service along with a new brand identity. We provided the following services to exceptional standards – brand identity, responsive web design, content management system, blog section and custom graphics. The clean, modern design creates an instant connection with the visitors and welcomes them to the world of Mole Valley Premier. We created a custom taxi booking form that helps visitors book their taxis on the website. The client and ourselves are very happy with the outcome.

Mole Valley Premier
Irlam Live 2017

Irlam Live is a boutique music festival celebrating soul and retro music. The event is scheduled to be held June 2017 in Manchester. The organisers approached us with a simple request: to create a stunning website with a tight deadline in mind. They needed a stunning website to help take bookings for their event. We worked with the organisers closely to design a fully responsive website to help create buzz for their event. The website is powered by WordPress CMS so the organisers can publish to their news section as well as make changes to any other part of their website as necessary. Our services for their website included responsive website design, content management system, and custom graphics design. Take a look at their website. If you are looking for a stunning website for your business, we’d love to hear from you.

Chambers & Perkins

Chambers & Perkins is an ecommerce store selling cleaning equipment for contract cleaners, food manufacturing units, schools and more. They asked for a fresh, modern and mobile friendly website to provide a stellar user experience to their customers and new visitors. We provided the following services to the highest standards – mobile responsive grid system, ecommerce checkout system, content management system, blog section and a custom navigation. The website features a green and grey colour scheme that complements their branding. The clean design and the custom navigation helps visitors find the product they’re looking for quickly and easily. The WordPress content management system powered by WooCommerce gives the client complete control over their online store. They are extremely satisfied by the results that the new website has been delivering for them.

Vintage Weddings Cars

Vintage Weddings Cars is a provider of vintage wedding cars in Buckinghamshire. They asked for a modern, mobile friendly website to complement their online presence and to help increase their sales. We provided the following services to exceptional standards – mobile responsive design, high quality imagery, content management system, blog section and brand identity. The website is modern in function yet vintage in form to perfectly complement their line of business. The WordPress CMS that the website is built on, gives the client total control. The website features a testiomnial page so customers can add their testimonials with ease. The client is very happy with the new design.

Paul Taylor Builders

Paul Taylor Builders & Joiners are an established business with over 18 years’ experience in the building trade. The client asked for a new, mobile repsonsive website that is professional, simple and creates credibility about their business. We created a bespoke website that perfectly blends with their brand identity. The CMS website aims to provide information about the business and their expertise with a view to help increase enquiries. The client has seen some amazing response since the launch of their new website, and is extremely satisfied with the results.

Cheshire Site Services

Cheshire Site Services is an accredited training provider for lorry loader drivers and signallers. They asked for a complete re-design of their website with a modern, mobile responsive design. We worked with the client to build a bespoke website around their brand identity. The clean, modern, fast loading website is fully mobile responsive and offers a consistent experience across devices of all sizes. We built the website on WordPress CMS, which allows the client to take complete control of their website. The bespoke website aims to provide complete information about their business and services with clear and specific CTAs to convert visitors into qualified leads.

Web Design Knutsford

Web Design Knutsford is our sister website that has been developed to cater to the requirements of small and medium businesses in Knutsford. We delivered the following services to exceptional standards – custom website design, CMS, SEO, custom branding and custom graphic design. The fully responsive website features a clean, modern and sleek design that instantly grabs the attention of visitors. The homepage welcomes visitors with a stunning video that’s been embedded into the design without affecting the load time of the website. Each page offers specific information and leading the visitors to the desired action – to fill out the contact form.

Trevelyan Self Drive Horsebox Hire

Trevelyan is a leading provider of self drive horsebox for hire in Cheshire and North West. They asked for a modern and clean website that helped build trust in prospective customers. We built a mobile responsive website on the WordPress CMS. The website features parallax effects, custom navigation and customised graphics and headers. It also features a blog section that the client can publish news and blogs. We also optimised the pages for their target keywords to help with the search engine rankings. The website, with its high quality professional photographs creates a feeling of warmth and feels personal. The client is happy with the result the website has been delivering.

Direct Fire Protection

Direct Fire Protection is a leading provider of fire safety services in Warrington. They wanted to redesign their website from scratch to keep up with the evolving needs of users. We worked with them to design a website that brings to the fore their best in class products, customer service and expertise. The new website is powered by a robust WordPress CMS and boasts of features that make it future proof. It is mobile friendly, and features parallax design elements to capture visitors’ attention. We used a colour scheme of beige, white and black to complement their brand identity.

Warrington Web Design

This is our sister website aimed exclusively at businesses in Warrington. We wanted a website that engages and immerses the visitors in an experience that they can’t forget quickly. The website has been designed in black-blue-white theme for maximum impact. The homepage welcomes visitors with the main message. As you scroll down, you get a glimpse at all the recent works and testimonials from our customers. As you scroll further, you get to know about all the services we offer. Every inner page offers in depth glimpse at the services offered and the expertise you can expect.

SKN Roofing & Builders

The client provides roofing and construction service in Bradford. They wanted to re-design their website from scratch. We met them to understand their business and their vision, and then worked on creating a draft design. The design perfectly complements their services and their niche. We made use of pictures to create the perfect ambiance. The moment visitors land on the website they are greeted by their primary message, and a call to action. As they scroll down, they get to know about the business and their services better. We placed calls to action at regular intervals to motivate the visitors to take action.

SKN Scaffolding

The client wanted a website that helps provide information about them and their services. Essentially, they wanted an online brochure that would help prospective customers in making up their mind. We worked from their existing logo to come up with the website’s colour scheme of teal, light grey and white. To demonstrate their credibility and trustworthiness, we included information about their safety practices, a live feed of their Facebook reviews and a footer panel containing logos to their certifications and associations. The mobile friendly website makes use of parallax effects to create depth and interest.

Woggle Walks

The client is a dog walking company based in Warrington. The website, with a colour scheme of greyish orange, dark magenta and green creates a welcome ambiance. Visitors are greeted by full size, high quality photographs of dogs with the most important message bang in the centre. The website offers features such as online booking, a user contributed testimonial page and a blog. The website offers ample information so visitors can make an informed decision about choosing the service. It’s a mobile friendly, quick loading and CMS powered website that gives complete control to the client.

Bethany Tang

Bethany Tang is a four year old princess who’s just entered the world of modelling. Her management wanted an online portfolio website for her that would help clients in making an informed decision. The website is replete with high quality photographs from her recent shoots and yet is quick loading and clean. We created the branding and the copy before working on the website’s design to create a coherent solution. Built on WordPress, the website offers complete control to the management so they can add photographs from all her photo shoots on to the website easily and quickly.


The client is in the business of supplying dental washer disinfectors. They wanted a professional looking website aimed at dentists and the dental industry. We came up with a simple colour scheme of grey and white that is complemented by a hint of black in the footer. The website is mobile friendly and works on all the leading browsers. The website is essentially an online brochure and portfolio for their product range. There are a lot of high quality photographs of actual products. Yet, the website is quick loading. We have optimised the website for their target keywords to reach their target audience via organic search results on Google and other search engines.

Tailor Train
The client, a consultancy service, was looking for a major upgrade to their old website. The old website was created way back in 2005 when they began their business and was clearly behind the times. They wanted a professional website that gave their online presence credibility and trustworthiness. We created an almost all-white website with just a subtle hint of gray in the footer, and complimented by lots of professional photographs. It’s a simple, yet highly effective website that attracts visitors’ attention to their services without any distractions.
Home Flooring Experts

The client, a wood flooring supplier, wanted a stunning website. After all, they are in a business that’s highly visual in nature. The black, white and red colour scheme sits perfectly with their logo. There’s a lot of white space, a lot of white and black, punctuated by the stand out colour in their logo – the colour red – to highlight important information and features. The testimonials page enables their customers to publish testimonials directly. The gallery section showcases their recent projects to give customers a feel for their work and quality. It’s a mobile friendly, quick loading, highly professional website that aims to convert visits into enquiries.

Glasgow & Edinburgh Bathrooms provide complete kitchen and bathroom renovation services. They wanted to convey not just their expertise, but also their USP via their new website. Their USP is that their personalised service, to ensure every customer gets exactly what they want. The cream and blue theme creates an inviting ambiance and helps present the content in a crisp manner. When a visitor lands on the website, he instantly gets a glimpse of their service and their professionalism through the professionally taken photographs of their actual site.

Burnt House Farm Turkeys and Geese

The client is a farm producing turkeys and Geese for Christmas time and other celebrations. They wanted their website to perform two specific functions. The first was to help create a mindshare in the minds of those looking for quality produce and the second was to make ordering turkey online easy for their customers. The logo combined with the navigation menu, done up in shades of green that perfectly reflect their property and their work, sets the right impression on the visitors. We have made use of quality photographs of their farm to convey much more than what words can convey. The website features an easy shopping cart so customers can simply book turkey in advance and collect them on the scheduled day and time.

Glasgow & Edinburgh Bathrooms
Glasgow & Edinburgh Bathrooms provide complete kitchen and bathroom renovation services. They wanted to convey not just their expertise, but also their USP via their new website. Their USP is that their personalised service, to ensure every customer gets exactly what they want. The cream and blue theme creates an inviting ambiance and helps present the content in a crisp manner. When a visitor lands on the website, he instantly gets a glimpse of their service and their professionalism through the professionally taken photographs of their actual site.
Cheshire Horse Transport

The client, a supplier of horse boxes for hire, wanted a one page website for the geo-targeting keyword “Cheshire horse transport”. We wanted to create a page that would not only be good for SEO but also grab visitors’ attention instantly, and guide them to the call to action – to the contact form. When the website loads, it greets visitors to with a slider showcasing the clients’ product – horseboxes. As the visitor scrolls through the page, he is presented with clear, specific information about the company and their offerings, followed by a map and a contact form.

Little Souls

Little Souls offers a wonderful service for new parents. They teach parents how to massage their newborn. The client wanted a website that new parents can connect with. We created a colourful logo that brings the brand name “Little Souls” to life. With baby blue as the primary colour, we used other colours to accentuate the overall look and design. So you’ll find a box of pink here, a box of yellow on another page. And we used high quality photographs that are rendered in black and white to create a stunning effect. It’s a fully responsive, CMS website that loads quickly. The simple and easy navigation makes information-finding a breeze for visitors.

Krav Maga Warrington

This is a client who has multiple websites for their services, and they were very particular about the look and feel they wanted for this new website of theirs. Keeping up with our content first approach, our copywriting team created the copy for each of the pages, based on the client’s brief. We worked on an initial design based on the project consultation and the copy. The client was really happy with the initial design, and after some edits and tweaks we arrived at the final version that’s live now. Each page carries a unique design. There’s no set template for the entire website. This creates a unique experience on each page that the user visits.

CW Business Growth

This is a project we are very proud to have worked on. The Cheshire and Warrington Business Growth Programme is an initiative that aims to bring business growth across important sectors by 2018. We were provided with a very clear brief, which helped us in designing this website. The end result is a professional looking, visually appealing website. The navigation and call to action buttons reflect the colour of their logo, and the text has been done in navy blue. The header on each page uses a different colour that contrasts with the primary theme to create a wonderful effect. This mobile friendly website is quick loading, and optimised for the search engines.  


Corporatfit is a corporate fitness solutions provider. They wanted a clean, attractive and functional website that generates leads. The fully responsive, quick loading website has been custom built and features branded graphics. The homepage welcomes the visitors with a slider banner that motivates the reader to take action with strong calls to action buttons. Below the header are 3 boxes that provide specific information about the client. Scroll down, and you are presented with targeted content in big, bold font that the visitors cannot help but notice. Every inner page is uniquely designed, while keeping with the overall design and theme.

Loughton Master Build

This project involved identity design, website design and copywriting. Our approach to web design is content first, and that’s exactly where we started with for this website design project. The result is a website that not only looks good, but delivers the message in a way that persuades the visitors to take the desired action. The fully responsive website is quick loading, built on WordPress CMS, and features parallax scrolling, easy navigation and a clean layout. Each inner page has a unique feel of its own. We have also SEO optimised the website to ensure maximum results for the client.

JRG Decs
The client wanted a brochure website that provides information about their painting and decorating services in way the visitors turn into customers. The website uses gray and aqua shades while adding colours by way of graphics. The homepage features a slider that communicates the client’s important message right away. We’ve used stylish typography for headers and titles to put emphasis on style and design. The inner pages make some clever use of parallax scrolling to add depth to the experience. The website features a blog, a photo gallery and loads of inner pages dedicated to each of their services.
Runcorn Hydroponics

The client is a leading ecommerce store for hydroponic equipment. Although their old website did the job, it was outdated, offered a poor experience and could do with a lot of improvement. Once we were brought in, we presented a clear plan of action to create a website that will help the client reach their sales targets effectively and efficiently. The ecommerce website is built on WordPress CMS, and boasts of all the essential features of a modern ecommerce store. The clean layout wastes no time in taking the user to the product they are looking for. The shopping experience is fuss free, easy and quick. We have built in a lot of security features to ensure the website is secure at all times.

Wirecloth Sales & Development

The client specialises in the supply of wiremesh products. They wanted a professional website that impresses visitors and persuades them to contact Wirecloth for all their wiremess requirements. We worked with them to create a custom logo for their brand, and a matching colour scheme for the website. We then worked on developing a fully responsive website loaded with all the features and visual elements necessary to convert visitors into leads. Subtle use of features like parallax and mouse-over effects creates just the right ambiance to attract visitors’ attention and lead them through.

A Lamont Wedding Cars

The client, established for over 25 years in the wedding car hire service, wanted a website that marked their online presence. They had a clear vision and goal – to provide information to prospective customers and visitors and lead them to make a booking. We scheduled an elaborate meeting to understand their requirements, their budget, their target audience and anything else that would help us in creating their dream website. We created a mobile friendly brochure website that communicates in clear terms what they do and how they do it. To attract visitors from the different localities they serve, we added geo targeted landing pages.

Churchill Coaches

This website is bold and beautiful, in the most literal sense. The navigation is on the left hand side of the website and the content displays on the right hand side. The communication is highly visual punctuated by big and bold text with the help of some wonderful parallax scrolling effects. The message is right there for the visitors to read as they scroll, and when they want to take action, there’s a call to action button at the end of the page. The navigation is fuss free, easy and bold. There’s no scope for any confusion. The visitors can find what they are looking for easily and quickly. And the business contact information is right there on the bottom-left of the page at all times so that the visitors can contact them in a beat.

NAP Forensics

NAP forensics is an IT start up providing performance solutions. This fully responsive website is done in gray and blue colour scheme to reflect their branding colours. Replete with branded header banners, each page is highly targeted to ensure their message reaches the visitor clearly. This brochure website is aimed at generating leads in the form of qualified enquiries. The website also contains fully optimised copy for maximised results. Features include newsletter sign up form, ticker style client list at the footer, and some subtle effects to attract the visitors’ eyeballs to the right sections of the page.

ARC Contractors

ARC Contractors wanted a website that makes an impression on visitors while encouraging them to take favourable action. The purpose of their website is to generate enquiries by way of phone calls and contact form. To impress the visitors, we chose parallax scrolling with high quality photographs of their works in the background of each page. We added a gallery page that displays some of their recent works. As the website is powered by WordPress CMS, the client will be able to constantly update the page as they complete newer projects. The clean, clutter free website is fast loading, fully responsive and user friendly.

Ceremonies 2gether

This is a website for Janet Stanton, an accredited wedding celebrant. A wedding is all about joy, celebrations and love. The website makes use of high quality photographs to communicate visually. The photographs are complemented by short and crisp text to communicate to the reader without taking much of their time. The visitor is welcomed by a slider-enabled hero space clearly establishes what the client does. Every page makes spectacular use of parallax scrolling to add depth and make an instant impact. At the end of every page is a contact form so the visitor can quickly contact if he so wishes to without having to click another button. 

Daisybank Nursery

The owners of Daisybank Nursery wanted a brochure website to create an online presence for their services. The colour scheme is a simple blue and white that is complemented by a lot of pictures of the nursery. We created bespoke branded graphics. The five page brochure website is mobile friendly, loads quick and works perfectly to enlighten their target audiences to enable them to take further action.

New House Farm

New House Farm Livery Stables is a premier livery yard in Hatton, Warrington. Visitors landing on the homepage are greeted by a giant picture of horses that sets the tone and the purpose of the website very clearly. Parallax scrolling adds a subtle depth and character to the website. We also added a blog section so the client can add blog posts to keep the website updated. The CMS website gives complete control to the client. Each page is uniquely designed to present the content in a way that would make the maximum impact on the visitors.

Emerald City Cakes & Gifts

The client has been making waves with their eclectic range of personalised cakes and gifts by showcasing at comic cons and festivals. Their objective was clear – to take their business across the UK. We built an ecommerce website that will help with their objective. We’ve created a simple and easy checkout process to ensure new customers are at ease. The cart can be updated during checkout if the client wants to make any modifications. The colour scheme of the website beautifully complements the branding as well as the product photos. They typography is funky to keep with the celebratory mood.

Lighthouse Regeneration

The website for Lighthouse Regeneration is done in contrasting shades of gray and yellow from their branding. The homepage greets the user with a full page hero space to introduce the brand and what they do. It’s a clean, crisp and neat design in the truest sense. The menu is displayed on the footer to ensure it does not interfere with the impact of the hero space. The website is fully responsive to offer a consistent and perfect experience on tablets, smartphones and all the major web browsers. The contact page offers an interactive map and a simple form to help visitors get in touch with the business quickly.

My Knee Doc

The client is a knee surgeon and came in with a clear focus – to enlighten the visitors about knee related ailments and treatments. The focus is on helping the visitors to the website in understanding their situation. We made use of the dominating colour in their logo – aquamarine – and leveraged the white background to create an uncluttered, crisp and modern look and feel. The contact information is displayed on the header so that users can contact the clinics to make an appointment without wasting a moment. We made use of branded graphics throughout the website that reiterates their professionalism, ethics and vision.

A1 Brickwork & Garden

We created a brochure website for the client who provides landscaping and gardening services in Billinge. We’ve made use of white space to communicate the client’s message loud and clear. Subtle graphic effects including parallax design create a wonderful experience for the user. The website is replete with photographs from client’s previous projects. A photograph speaks louder than words, and that’s beautiful achieved. The dark colours for the important sections highlight the client’s brand and other aspects while the white area for the content balances it out cleverly.

Adelaide School of Motoring

The client wanted a brochure website to fit their budget and their requirement without cutting corners. And we created a custom brochure website that accentuates their logo and branding. We’ve used a lot of custom branded graphics to bring the visitor’s attention to the important messages. The interactive testimonials section not only displays customer testimonials but also helps customers contribute their testimonials easily and quickly. The fully responsive website is quick loading, clutter free and crisply designed to help convert visitors into customers.

Zip Zap Products

Zip Zap is an ecommerce store selling a variety of products from clothing for the entire family to festive products for the home. We have created a bespoke website complete with branded graphics. Our copywriting team has again worked in tandem to create some insightful copy for each page on the website. The ecommerce website has a fast, reliable and secure checkout process. The checkout process is optimised to ensure maximum conversions and minimal checkout abandons. The website has built in feeds for eBay and Amazon. After all, your website has to work for you, and not just be a piece of art. That’s what the web design team at Blue Whale Media endeavours to deliver for each of our clients.

Fresh Approach

The website is a transliteration of their brand name. When you land up on the homepage, you are greeted by a big, bold slider enabled hero section that showcases their product range and their expertise. The emphasis on visual elements without any unnecessary text to distract drives home the point emphatically. The website’s footer simply contains their branding on the left and the navigation menu, which contracts to a single button on smaller screens. Click on the menu button and out slides the menu to help you find the information you are interested in. The fully responsive website is simple yet cutting edge, visual heavy yet quick loading, vibrant yet sophisticated.

Teddy Towers limited

The website for this children’s nursery has a simple colour scheme. We’ve made it colourful by making use of colourful photographs and headers. Although the target patrons of the nursery are little ones, the visitors are by all means their parents. Consequently, the typography is neat, crisp and professional. However, the colour accentuation brings out the fun factor that’s an essential part of going to a children’s nursery. That’s what you call getting the best of both worlds, which comes in the form of a neatly designed, quick loading website that’s also mobile friendly.

Just Clean Stone & Tile Care

We created a bespoke brochure website replete with branded graphics. The colour scheme of the fully responsive website beautifully complements their branding. We’ve made use of parallax effects to give the website a certain depth while also showcasing the clients’ capabilities and services. Complementing colour scheme, crisp typography, branded graphics, a business blog to keep the website fresh and updated are some features of the website. To top it off, our copywriting team has written the copy based on a creative brief from the client.

Nu Flava

Nu Flava is an Indian restaurant in Winsford, Cheshire. They wanted a website that reflected the atmosphere they offered at the restro bar as well as their modern approach. Our design team brainstormed to create a classy design that gives the visitor a feel of the modern, tastefully decorated restaurant and its ambiance. The website makes use of three shades – black, white, and gold that fall in perfectly to create the desired feel. The homepage makes use of parallax scrolling to create the right impact on the visitor. The fully responsive, quick loading website is modern, future ready and fully scalable. Like is the case with all our websites, this website also connects the visitors to the client’s social media presence.

Lowndes Alexander Daniel

The client already wanted a redesign to replace their existing website, which was not mobile friendly. We carried out a complete site audit on their existing website to identify the areas requiring improvement and delivered this fresh new redesign. The result was a neat, clean and crisp brochure website. The contrasting colours create a wonderful effect grabbing the user’s attention right from the moment he lands up on the website.

SSE Fashion House

SSE Fashion House is a fashion eCommerce store. We created a clean and crisp layout so the focus is always on the awesome collection of products in store. The parallax design adds just the right note of visual appeal to the website. The fully responsive website is custom built on Wordpress CMS to allow the client complete control of the website.

The website lets shoppers rate and review the products to bring in interaction with the customers. It has been optimised for SEO and has a blog section so the client can keep the website flowing with fresh stream of content regularly. It also features a bespoke party booking system that allows customers to book fashion parties at the click of a button.

Guild Appleton

Guild Appleton Limited is an ACCA certified accounting firm providing complete range of accountancy services to small and medium businesses. The client wanted the website to reflect their professionalism and their quality of work. We kept the colours minimal and fuss free.

We used the green colours from their logo to accentuate and complement the white space. The website features a blog, and a lot of information including PDF downloads that would prove useful to their target audience. Customers can easily pay invoices through the website, which makes invoice payment a breeze.


Feel offers holistic spa therapies including Indian head massage and reflexology. Be it the colours used, the images, the design or the layout – everything on the website blends in perfectly to create a calm and relaxing effect on the user.

The intention is to invite the reader into the realms of bliss, peace and joy that they will experience at Feel. The website clearly highlights the two specific services offered. The website features a booking page and a blog. To make things easier for the website visitors, all contact information is highlighted above the navigation menu.

Which Way Is Up Consulting

The client Judy James is a corporate consultant. She wanted a website to highlight the wide range of coaching services she offers. We have categorised each of her varied services in the navigation menu so the website visitors can easily find information they are after.

The website has been done in shades of purple and green to complement the branding of Which Way Is Up Consulting. The website makes use of a lot of visuals to complement the overall theme of personality development and life leadership.

Whisky Collectables

Whisky Collectables is a whisky e-commerce store in UK. The website reflects the elegance and sophistication of the product in the classy black and white colour theme. The images of the golden rich blend are also perfectly highlighted against the black background. We provided the site with a search function and a blog for the customers to look for and read more about the products.

Isaac Grainger’s

Isaac Grainger’s is a company dealing in access flooring and raised access flooring. The website has a formal and minimalistic look to complement the nature of the business. It is loaded with information about their products and services. Keeping in mind the target audience, the site has been made interactive, where customers can track their orders and also login with their personal ids.

Healthy Heroes

Healthy Hero’s is a site of physical education specialists for children. We coordinated the colours to make them attractive. The website is completely interactive and user-friendly. The blog is also helpful for the target audience, providing them with useful info. We have also enabled online bookings which, has increased the popularity of the site.

Mallett Stone Masonry

The client’s previous website, created several years ago, looked outdated, was not user friendly and clearly needed an upgrade. We designed a bespoke brochure website for them that ticks all the right boxes and more. It is mobile friendly, user friendly, easy to navigate, fresh, and coded with the latest framework. The homepage introduces the client and their services, setting the stage for interactivity and further action. Our capable copywriting worked with our design team to create some stunning copy for the client. When you are looking for the right balance of design and copy for your small business website, think no further than Blue Whale Media, just like Mallett Stone Masonry did.

Jones Dental

Jones Dental provides comprehensive dental care service for their clients. The colour scheme, font and the images combine together to give a sense of reassurance to the visitors. The website is fully interactive so visitors can contact the company through the website. The site also has a blog that is not only informative but helps in SEO.

Brooklyn Steak House

The website that we created for Brooklyn Steak House wets the appetite of the visitor from the time of the first visit. This is an interactive site where the user can not only check out the menu but also reserve seats online. We decided to keep the website tastefully elegant to match the spirit of fine dining. We are happy that their business has thrived through the website that we have designed.