Wondering whether you need to hire a blog writing service? Blogging offers a lot more than you think – here are some statistics to help you decide:


Nearly 60% professionals rate blogging as the most effective inbound marketing technique.
Almost 54% professionals rate blogging as the most effective SEO technique
Blogging boosts traffic by 30% to 77%.

Small and medium business businesses can double their sales by posting 8 blogs per month.
Businesses that blog have up to 82% more conversion rates than businesses that don’t.
Small and medium businesses experience 126% more lead generation than other blogs.


Importance of Blogging

Much as blogging is important for SEO, customer engagement, lead generation and boosting sales, maintaining an active blog is not an easy task.

For one, you need a constant flow of new ideas.

Second, every blog post you publish must be of the best quality.

Third, you must publish blog posts at regular intervals.

At Blue Whale Media, we take the load off your shoulders and leave you free to focus on the core aspects of your business. As an expert blog writing company, we identify the type and tone of content suitable for your to deliver professional blogs.

You can make the most of business blogging with engaging and original blog posts.

100% Original Content

Your business is unique and so is your blog. Every post we write for you is unique and creative. We do not repeat blog posts even within your blog.


Engaging and Relevant Content

We craft highly engaging blog posts that are fun to read. Every piece of content we create undergoes multiple levels of quality checks. Every blog post we deliver engages, enlightens and paves the way for converting your visitors into customers.

Copyrights for all Blogs

Once we submit the blog to you, you own it. You have the copyrights. We do not sell, rent or use your blogs for any other client or purpose.

SEO-friendly Blogs

The blog posts we develop are optimised for your target keywords. We also help in building links with other relevant blogs.


We are a flexible blog writing service. Whether you have a small social media blogging gig or want monthly blogs, we are happy to help. With Blue Whale Media, we will set you up with an affordable campaign to suit your business.


When you work with Blue Whale Media, we deploy a dedicated team of writers for your blog in order to maintain consistent style and tone in all posts.

Take advantage of our blog writing service. Contact us for high quality, original and engaging posts. Call 01925 552050 for a no-obligation quote.