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Recent media campaigns have identified the tremendous potential of splash pages for any website or a campaign. Since this is the first page that your viewer will notice, it must be visually attractive and skilfully designed. An effective and attractive splash page should be aimed at gripping the attention of the visitor in the shortest possible time.

At Blue Whale Media, we design splash pages that come alive and give your website or campaign a whole new dimension. Our years of experience and extensive technical know-how enable us to deliver stunning splash pages empowered by cutting edge technology.

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Web Design

Why Do You Need A Splash Page?

A splash page can be a very effective tool for

Webmasters with an affiliate programme

Affiliates of a programme who desires to tap the unexplored market a little further

An extra exposure for product developers or service providers

Network marketers desiring a streamlining of their prospective customers

Prospectors desiring more lead generation for better sales and conversions online

Publishers of small magazines and newsletters to build a list of subscribers

Even if you don’t fit into any of these categories, a splash page can be an excellent addition to your existing webpage.


Features of a Splash Page from Blue Whale Media

Innovative design

Fully responsive

Cleanly coded

SEO Friendly

Colourful and attractive

Quick to load

Easy navigation


Splash Page Design – Our Process

Customer satisfaction is our motto and we strive to fulfil your needs with our services. When you contact us, we fix an appointment with you to understand your needs and expectations. We provide bespoke solutions, not fixed templates. We, then, submit several designs keeping your requirement in mind. We present these to you with a detailed analysis and explanation of the efficacy of each design. We ask you to take your time to consider before giving your final approval. We will be happy to make any relevant changes that you desire.

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Why Choose Us?

Extensive experience and expertise in splash page designing
Bespoke packages for individual requirements and expectations
Strict adherence to deadlines
Affordable pricing
Unmatched customer service

Get the best of creativity and results with a splash from Blue Whale Media. Call us at 01925 552 050 to design a splash page that will work wonders for a strong online presence.