We all know that a picture speaks a thousand words. And if it is a moving picture, the impact increases manifold. Animation is one of the most effective ways of attracting the attention of visitors to your website. The moving images create a greater understanding and enhance the value of your product or service.


Why Animation?

You have done everything possible for your website and used meaningful and relevant content. This has surely helped in increasing your search engine rankings. But have you wondered how you can enthral your visitor so that he does not navigate out of your site or hit the back button?

There’s nothing better than a good and attractive animation to hold the attention of your visitors. It not only appeals to the rational faculties and helps to categorise information but also pleases to the aesthetic sense. You can connect to your audience better with a touch of fun and intelligent humour.

You can include animations for a number of purposes; use it simply as website signature footer or for a banner ad, as a website interactive tool or for presentation of content or product.


Our Philosophy

We, at Blue Whale Media, believe in bringing some fun and uniqueness in whatever we do. Our animations are a creative blend of your ideas and our ingenuity. We start with a consultation with you because that is where it all begins.

We only execute our work once we get your complete approval. Our services are aimed to give you better conversions and increase positive feedback of your website. Customer satisfaction is our primary motto.


Our Animation Services

Our animation services include:

Traditional animation
Product animation
Whiteboard animation
Motion design
Architectural animation
Medical animation
Explainer videos
Animated logos
3D animation
Medical animation
Explainer videos
Why Choose Us For Website Animation

We have years of experience to help you with information on what works. Our team of animation artists are some of the best in the industry who love their work. From personalised sketches infusing emotions to trendy and modern computer graphics; we have them all for you. Our team at Blue Whale Media keeps up with the latest innovations and uses these to the best advantage.

With our creative team at Blue Whale Media, your website will come alive with animations. So contact us today and get ready to enjoy the rush of traffic and unmatched popularity of your website 01925 552050!