Parallax Websites



Want to have a website that will captivate your audience?

Want a web design that will get positive results every time?

We, at Blue Whale Media, have the answer for all your needs. Our parallax websites are designed to give the special effects that will not only charm your visitors, but also ensure that they return regularly.


Benefits Of Parallax Websites

A parallax website uses a special scrolling technique where the background images move slower than the images in the foreground, creating a 3D effect and giving an impression of depth. There are several benefits of having a parallax website.

Charm the viewers with the special effects of depth and animation

Adopt a narrative style for the viewers to guide them through your site

Extend the visiting time and help in positive conversions

Whet the curiosity of the visitors thus ensuring that they return regularly to your site

Increase the curiosity of your visitors so they can’t wait to know what the site has to offer


Our Expertise

Our team of designers at Blue Whale Media have years of experience in website designing. We love to experiment and make a difference with our work.

We employ different methods to achieve parallax scrolling which includes creating different layers moving at uneven speed. We also create ‘sprites’ or independent parts of an image which can move within a digital setting. We also use raster graphics or bitmapped visuals to create a cycle of repetitive patterns.


Our Process

We begin with a consultation with you. Your ideas are where it all begins. We process your ideas with our highly talented creative designers and produce the initial layout on 2D. The shading, lighting and texturing are all discussed during this stage. We execute the work only after a complete approval from you.

Why Choose Us For Parallax Websites

We, at Blue Whale Media, use all modern techniques to make your website special and increase your rate of conversion. Our parallax websites will surely make heads turn. We keep ourselves updated with the latest innovations in the market and use them to your best advantage.

Come to us at Blue Whale Media, and get a feel of the unmatched quality that we offer. We assure you, you will love the difference that we will make to your website. Contact us today for a website that delivers results. Call 01925 552050 now to book a consultation.