Website Blogging Widnes


No matter how cool your website looks, the quality of the content will be the decisive factor in whether your visitors stay on or bounce out. This holds true for your business blog as well.

At Blue Whale Media, we have the expertise and the experience to write blog posts that your audience will not just read, but share with the world. As an experienced website blogging Widnes agency, we do everything it takes to deliver results.

Website Blogging Widnes
Website Blogging Widnes

Benefits of Business Blogging

Your business blog helps establish your authority in the industry. When you share all that inside information, and your expert opinion, the world understands that you really know what you are talking about.

Moreover, your blog helps you build a relationship with your target audience.

Above all, it helps you to stay in the eyesight of the search engines. When you publish SEO optimised content on a regular basis, the search engines know that your website is fresh, always updated and that it has not fallen off the radar.

But wait, there’s a small glitch.

Someone’s got to write a blog before you can enjoy all these benefits. 


Hire Our Expert Website Blogging Widnes Team

Our expert blog writing Widnes team will deliver well worded, original and engaging blog posts that will bring visitors to your website. Of course, we will optimise the blog post for your target keywords as well. But we write for human readers first. The search engines won’t be ignored either. How’s that for a win-win?

Optimisation is all about balance. Our team of website blogging Widnes writers will optimise the blog posts not just for the search engines, but for your readers too. We take great care in crafting articles and blogs that your readers will enjoy. We make sure you derive the maximum benefit from your blog by ensuring that the readers as well as search engines derive the most benefit from it.

How it Works

Once you choose our blogging package, we take care of everything for you. We start by researching for a suitable topic your audience will find useful, and then carry out in-depth research on the topic. Our blog writers will then write the first draft, which is then edited by our experienced team of editors who will polish it further by checking for grammar, typos and factual errors, if any.

Our website blogging Widnes team will then publish the article on your blog at the time that’s just right so it can have the best and maximum reach.

Website Blogging Widnes
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