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At blue whale media, we work closely with are clients to bring their ideas to reality, from paper to launch we guide, develop and empower our clients to be Web masters.

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Search Engine Optimisation

Blue Whale Media Ltd help companies in Warrington and Manchester rank high on the search engines such as Google and Yahoo for search terms that create visits to their web sites. An example of a search terms that Blue Whale Media Ltd use would be SEO MANCHESTER and MANCHESTER SEO SERVICES.

The Blue Whale Team will help you work out the best Key Phrases to use in your seo strategy. Your phrases will be different to our example phrases like SEO SERVICES MANCHESTER.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a process that improves your website so that Google views your site as a valid source of information and do so ahead of your competition. By making your website more credible you will appear higher up in result pages and this should lead to you getting a greater number of visitors.

A good company will help you set up an SEO campaign that targets the right keywords, to achieve success in a timely manner. As a rounded website design company – not only will Blue Whale Media design and develop your new website – we will be able to provide additional SEO services to ensure that your website performs well in Google. We can also provide SEO services for your already developed website.



The team will implement a Pay Per Click campaign that will generate leads from a specifically targeted cliental. This can be for your industry or a specific product. Pay Per Click campaigns are designed to ensure that your advert is seen by the right audience in Google at specific times of the day.

The simple principle is that you are bidding for the position on the page and then for every person clicking on your advert you will be charged the click price until your budget has ran out.

We also design PPC landing pages for your business.



You can’t have missed in the past few years the phenomenon that is Social Media. People love the fact that their communication is instantaneous. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest don’t only offer the user the chance to praise, recommend, complain about service and products, they also allow you to promote too!

In real time you can update your customers on your business. This could be a new product, service or just to give your customers an insight into your day.



An ecommerce website allows your business to stay open 24/7 and should provide the customer with the experience they would receive if they were face to face with you. At Blue Whale Media we only build bespoke ecommerce websites. This allows us to build you a site that reflects your vision of your business.

We guarantee that when built your site it will be unique to your business. If you are looking for a web design company in Manchester or further afield – our design agency has helped clients all over the UK get their professional, online store up and running.



If you are looking for a professional, robust and modern website that will generate leads and enquiries, but isn’t your standard template site, then that is what we offer! If you are looking for web design in Manchester – as a web design agency with locations here and Warrington – we provide our services to the whole of the UK.

We develop websites in various content management systems dependant on what your online requirements are. We find that most of our clients want to maintain fresh, up to date sites and therefore we mainly use WordPress and Magento.

As mobile search is becoming more important we ensure that all of our websites are built with Responsive Design in mind so you can rest assured that your website will work on all the major mobile platforms.

For Web Design services and all digital marketing and web development solutions – contact Blue Whale Media today to learn how we can get your online presence up and running. Our design agency serves clients all across the UK.

We develop websites for mobile devices across a range of platforms.



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