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Blue Whale Media, with its extensive experience in digital marketing, will help rank your website on all leading search engines. We are an SEO Cheshire agency with the skills necessary to see your website zooming past your competitors on the search engines.

Whether you are new to SEO or a seasoned business owner with the knowhow but lack time to create targeted SEO campaigns, Blue Whale Media’s SEO campaigns Cheshire services will come handy.

Here’s a look at all that we do to help you launch your way to success.

SEO Cheshire

Cheshire SEO Consulting

If you have an in house marketing team or would like to do your SEO yourself, and need consultancy to get you started, choose our Cheshire SEO consulting services. Our Cheshire SEO marketing  experts will craft a custom SEO campaign for you to execute.


Penalty Recovery

If your website has been going down the search rankings of late, our expert search engine optimisation campaigns Cheshire team can be of help. Our SEO consultants have the experience and the know-how to help you recover from algorithmic penalties.


SEO Audit

Every SEO campaign we take up starts with a full-fledged Cheshire SEO audit. Let our technical expertise pave the way for a targeted SEO campaign. We will analyse your website and all its pages to find what’s right and what needs fixing.

Keyword Research

We will carry out a full-fledged keyword research to seek out the keywords that will deliver best results for you. We will work with a mix of long tail and short tail keywords for maximum efficiency and quality targeting. If you are targeting specific locations, we will research for the perfect match of geo-targeting keywords for your Cheshire SEO campaign.

On-site SEO

We are a trusted SEO company Cheshire for a reason. We deliver results. On-site SEO is one of our several core strengths. We will optimise every page on your website for relevant, target keywords including page titles, meta descriptions, headers, alt image tags, and more.

Link Building

Although link building in the traditional sense is obsolete today, high quality backlinks will make a huge difference to your website’s rankings. With a mix of powerful link building techniques including PR and content marketing, we will establish some awesome backlinks to your website for long lasting results.

We Can Help You Rank High

At Blue Whale Media, we invest only in things that make a difference. We don’t have a team of salespersons knocking on doors selling our services. Most of our business comes from organic searches for terms like SEO agency Cheshire, SEO campaigns Cheshire, SEO marketing Cheshire, SEO company Cheshire and search engine optimisation campaigns Cheshire and by customer recommendations.

Talk to us to discuss your SEO requirements. Call 01925 552050 now for a no obligation consultation and quote or Click Here.

SEO Cheshire