SEO Marketing



Want to grow your business?

Want to stay ahead of the competition?

Want to do what you love without worrying about generating new business?

Invest in SEO. A well crafted SEO campaign can help you grow your business and beat your competition. At Blue Whale Media, we deliver SEO campaigns that deliver results. We are an SEO company that our clients trust for delivering results. With over 50 years of combined experience in SEO, we plan, create and execute brilliant SEO campaigns.

Our SEO services are available in London, Manchester, Warrington, Widnes, Wigan, Liverpool and St. Helens.

SEO Marketing
SEO Marketing

Dynamic SEO

Effective SEO is all about creativity. It is all about understanding your target audience and designing campaigns that are in sync with the latest Google dates.

With Google updating its ranking algorithm frequently, SEO is a highly proactive job. Our team of dedicated SEO experts monitor the updates continuously and develop strategies that can boost your website’s rankings.

Yes, SEO is challenging but we are on top of the game.


How We Work

At Blue Whale Media, we create custom SEO marketing campaigns to suit your business, vision and target audience. We offer end to end services, from planning to execution.

Our job continues even after the SEO campaign gets underway. We track the performance of your SEO campaign and provide regular reports. You can continuously monitor the campaign and track the ROI.

SEO Marketing

Our SEO Services

We are an SEO agency with a multi-disciplinary approach to SEO. Our SEO services include:

Traffic generation
Keyword analysis
SEO campaign creation
Link building
Creation of optimised content
SEO campaign implementation
SEO tracking

We specialise in on-page and off-page optimisation. From building a SEO friendly website to creating highly optimised keyword-rich SEO content, we do it all.

Mobile SEO and video SEO have become crucial elements of digital marketing today. At Blue Whale Media, we incorporate mobile and video SEO to produce quick and the most effective results. We also specialise in local SEO campaigns.

Whether local SEO strategies or global search engine optimisation campaigns, we ensure that the visibility of your website improves and that it rises up the ranks of search engine ranking pages.


SEO Marketing
5 Reasons To Choose Our SEO Services
Expert and experienced SEO team
Optimisation as per latest updates
Regular reporting to monitor progress
Affordable pricing
Friendly and efficient customer service

Contact us at Blue Whale Media today for SEO campaigns that deliver results. Call 01925 552050 to schedule a consultation.