PPC Marketing Warrington


PPC, short for Paid Per Click advertising is the easiest and the quickest way to get your website on the top of the search engine results. It’s the only advertising medium you can measure your ROI accurately on, and to the littlest details. It’s also the most scalable medium.

If done right, your PPC campaign can do wonders for your business. Blue Whale Media follows best PPC practices to deliver the best results for your PPC ad campaign.

PPC Marketing Warrington
PPC Marketing Warrington

Adwords Certified PPC Agency Warrington

Our PPC Marketing Warrington team are adwords professionals. All our analysts are qualified and certified by Google. What this means for you is that your campaign sees the highest return on investment at all times.

Our focus, at all times, is to lower cost per acquisition, maximising sales and increasing the ROI. We live, breathe and wear optimisation, so you can derive the best results from your budget.


Pay Per Click Agency Warrington That Delivers Results

It’s one thing to claim to offer effective PPC services, and it’s another thing to have a portfolio of happy clients. The tangible results we’ve achieved for our clients speak for themselves.

Feel free to ask us to introduce you to clients who have seen dramatic results from our PPC expertise and we’ll be happy to do the honours. Our Google Marketing Warrington team believes in action.

After all, actions speak thunderously louder than words.

PPC Marketing Warrington

Full Service Pay Per Click Management Warrington

Here’s a look at all that we do as part of our full service PPC management:

Competitor research
Keyword research
Ad campaign targeting
Ad copywriting and testing
Click path analysis
Bid optimisation
Keyword mining
Day parting
Architectural structure

We will carry out a complete audit of your existing campaign to identify the scope for improvement. Effective PPC management is all about proactively managing the ad campaign to maximise sales while keeping cost per acquisition low.

We are a leading PPC Marketing Warrington service for a reason. We deliver results. Period!

Get in touch with us to know how we can help make the most of your PPC budget. We will offer a free campaign audit and a no obligation quote so you can make an informed decision. Call 01925 552050 now to request an appointment or Contact us at [email protected].