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We are Blue Whale Media, a branding Widnes agency, we believe the success of your business depends on the success of your brand. If you have a winning brand, you have it all sorted. People don’t buy from you because they like what you sell; they buy from you if they like you. And that depends a lot on how you present yourself and how you make them feel.

We are Blue Whale Media, a branding Widnes agency. Since our inception, we have helped hundreds of small and medium businesses in creating a winning brand.

Website Branding Widnes
Website Branding Widnes

How We Do – Our Process

More often than not, communication is all about listening. And that’s exactly where we begin. We listen to the voices of your customers to get a hang of the things they care about. Today’s Internet connected world offers a lot of information.

Our branding Widnes team will tap into this data-juggernaut to listen to your customers. We will carry out in depth market research to get a broader view of what your target audiences look like and the things they like.

We will then create a compelling story, presenting your brand story in a way that your audiences will understand and connect with. When your customers believe in what you have to say, you have their complete attention. And that’s the beginning of your brand success.


Logo Design in Widnes

Our logo design Widnes team creates logos that not only look stunning, but communicate your brand story and what you stand for. Our expert logo design team consists of creative designers and marketing experts who work together to develop a logo that will work wonders for your business.

Brand Design in Widnes

Our expert brand design Widnes team will create a brand story that embodies your vision, your purpose and your mission. We create a brand that your target audience will connect with. When a connection happens, everything falls into place.

Brand Review and Rebranding

If you already have a branding strategy in place, our branding Widnes experts can audit it to help you develop it further and get the placement it deserves. If your current brand requires a fresh lease of life, we will work on rebranding it so it can deliver to your expectations.

Website Branding Widnes
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